Glass Ceilings for Patios

Glass Patio Covers

Our Glass Patio Roofs are acoustically insulated and help to create an increase in living space. The glazing of these canopies can be safely used over the entire roof of a patio, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a source of natural light.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.

How does our service work?

We have all types of glazed roofs for patios to suit every need.

Contact us

Send us a message by whatsapp to 610 18 59 34 with a photo and approximate measurements of the space/area you would like to close.

Personal Advisor

One of our personal advisors will contact you to provide you with information about which product is best according to your needs, in addition to calculating an estimate quotation free of charge.

Technical Measurement

A specialist technician will come to your home to take manufacturing measurements and check for possible problems and solutions.


Your Personal Advisor will draw up a Real Sales Quotation (RSP) and guide you through the contracting process

We have these products available for your Glass Covering


  • Sloped roof appearance
  • Self-supporting and easy assembly
  • Fixed or mobile covers with motorised options available
  • Suitable for patio decks, porches and balconies


  • Square roof appearance
  • Self-supporting and easy assembly
  • Available in different roof materials
  • Suitable for patio decks, porches and balconies.


  • Equipped with Longi Hi-MO solar panels
  • Energy saving and minimalist appearance
  • Available with and without network drainage
  • Suitable for patio decks, porches and balconies

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